Dr. Sergei Keidar, a specialist in adult, pediatric, and neonatal surgery and is the Chairman of Pediatric Surgery at Wolfson Hospital.

Dr. Keidar performs surgery in newborns, infants, and children of all ages. In addition, he performs surgical circumcision at your home or location of choice.

I take care of those you care about the most

Dr. Sergei Keidar, one of the top surgeons in Israel and around the world in the fields of pediatric surgery.
Availability by phone 24 hours a day, with personal follow-up after each surgical procedure.
Surgeries are performed privately at Assuta, Herzliya Medical Center and Rafael Ramat Hachayal Medical Center.

Dr. Kedar was chosen as one of the top doctors in Israel!!!


Forbes Israel

Where can Dr. Keidar be seen?

  • Ashkelon Sunday 16:00-19:00

    Hagvura Street 3

  • Ashdod Monday 15:30-19:00

    Akavia Ben Mahalal Street 6

  • Tel Aviv Tuesday 16:00-20:00

    Uri Zvi Greenberg Street 25 Azorei Chen

  • Holon Wednesday 15:00-19:30

    13 Hoophein Street

HMOs in which I receive patients are:

Dr. Keidar works with all private medical insurance companies with Israel and with Kupot Holim Maccabi, Leumit, and Clalit Mushlam.

Put your child's health in the hands of a caring, experienced specialist

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