Pediatric surgery

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Child surgery, is the special field of child surgery, toddler surgery, adolescent surgery and fetal surgery. Most of the doctors employed are doctors who specialize in pediatric surgery in specialized hospitals for children. The training tracks for physicians who specialize in pediatric surgery begin with the training of general surgery, following which the training begins to give specialization in the field of pediatric surgery, there is also a division into the specializations in pediatric surgery. , Urological surgery to correct a child’s urinary tract defects, neurosurgery to treat the nervous system, eye surgery, plastic surgery and more.

Child-friendly surgery

There has been a significant decrease in infant mortality

This is a relatively new field in additional subspecialties in pediatric surgery that requires further study and training:

In the middle of the twentieth century they began to concentrate on medicine adapted for repairs of congenital malformations. This was an area that was not given much importance and did not exist. Such as pediatric anesthesia, these unique surgeries began with a development that led to a good increase in toddlers’ recovery and an environment was built in a completely different perspective regarding pediatric surgery in which there is a division of subspecialties in pediatric surgery and these subspecialties include fetal surgeries, orthopedic surgery and orthopedic surgery. In children, AG surgery, urological surgery to correct the child’s urinary tract defects, neurosurgery to treat the nervous system, eye surgery, plastic surgery and more.

Cancerous tumors in children occur infrequently but each type of cancer has a typical age of the child, treatments in this area are sometimes performed by a multidisciplinary team of doctors: the meteonologist, pediatric surgeon who specializes in the field depending on the type of tumor, radiologist, social worker, etc.

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