I Believe" Dr. Keidar Sergei

A therapist who relies on the concept of life which is a valuable mission.

As a person whose essence of life is the pursuit of excellence also sports challenges ☺ and practice in surgery and pediatric surgery The insights I have acquired over the years accompanied by parents families people women and of course children I meet them full of hesitant sensibilities are mostly afraid of what they do not know and do not know in pediatric surgery.

My ability to identify with them and from this mutual point of view I manage to build the relationship in a therapeutic interaction that relies on mutual respect, as a pediatric surgeon I treat my little patients with great respect however I am required to know how to behave wisely with parents and families. I find myself in a jigsaw puzzle of medical purpose versus preserving the dignity of the patient.

My need to lead technologies and my personal contribution to the medical system challenges me and the dream of excellence in further developments in the field of pediatric surgery.

Expanding education in preventable child accidents and I believe my role in educating the medical staff and training it is binding, I believe in educating the next generation for proper health behavior.

And there is nothing more exciting than seeing a patient for whom I have saved a life come back to me healthy and thank me this feeling accompanies me everywhere with satisfaction and happiness.

I wish health and happiness to thousands of my patients.

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