Dr. Sergey Keidar was chosen by Forbes 2020 magazine as one the best pediatric surgeons in Israel !!!

Medical degree with distinction
Years of experience
Independent clinics

Hello, My name is Dr. Keidar.

I am a specialist in General and Pediatric Surgery and Chairman of the Pediatric Surgery Department at Wolfson Hospital.

Pediatric surgery is a broad field with a wide variety of surgical interventions, including:
inguinal and umbilical hernia repair
testicular surgery (undescended testicle, testicular torsion)
minimally-invasive abdominal surgery such as appendectomy and cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal) and bariatric surgery (weight-loss surgery for teenagers)
thoracic (VATS) surgery such as thoracic sympathectomy (for excessive sweating)
office-based procedures such as tongue tie release, umbilical granuloma removal, and excision of skin lesions
surgical circumsion in your home
Neonatal and newborn surgery for congenital anomalies

With many years as a specialist at top hospitals and health clinics in Israel, I can call on an accomplished multi-professional team in order to better respond to patients’ needs.

Educational and Work Experience

1988 – MD with distinction, Faculty of Medicine in the USSR
1991 – 1999 – General Surgery residency, Assaf haRofeh Medical Center
1999 – Board Certification in General Surgery
2000 – 2004 – Fellowship in Pediatric Surgery at Dana Children’s Hospital, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)
2004 – Board Certification in Pediatric Surgery
2004 – 2018 – Senior pediatric surgeon, Dana Children’s Hospital, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)
2018 – current – Chairman, Pediatric Surgery Department, Wolfson Hospital

Dr. Keidar, Member of Professional Societies:




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