Surgical circumcision

“This is my covenant, which ye shall keep, between me and you and your seed after you, before whom ye shall have any male” (Genesis chapter 7)

Hello, my name is Dr. Keidar, and I am a senior pediatric surgeon.

I have been performing surgical circumcision for families for many years. These days there is increasing demand for surgical circumcision – new parents are anxious to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering of their newborn and decide have the procedure performed by the hands of an experienced surgeon.

The circumcision is done under sterile conditions with the use of local anesthetic (ointment and injection) in the location of your choice. Followup *** (what do you do?) and of course I am available for questions or concerns. This approach prevents unnecessary complications and ensures the best functional and functional results.

Surgical circumcision is considered safer, achieves better aesthetic results, significantly lowers the rate of complications and of course reduces the pain and suffering involved in performing this surgery without anesthesia.

The benefits of sterile conditions, the injection of local anesthesia and the possibility of providing a quick medical solution to any problem that arises are necessary.

How Dr. Keidar Perform a surgical circumcision?

Before the surgical circumcision, on the day of the procedure, Dr. Keidar examines the newborn to rule out other medical problems and explains to the procedure to the parents.

The baby lies on a flat, stable surface (such as a changing table) for the procedure.
After disinfection and injection of local anesthetic, the foreskin is excised and I place a few very thin stitches (that will not need to be removed). At the completion of the procedure there is no need for bandage. The healing process is very fast and is complete in 5-7 days.

Novimol/paracetamol is given in (syrup or suppository) for the first 12-24 hours as needed

I recommend putting a few drops of baby oil on the area at every diaper change in order to keep the diaper from adhering to the healing site

The area under the glans penis is expected to have red/yellow discoloration (discharge? Exudate?) that will disappear within a week

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