How to treat tongue tie?

Dr. Keidar has been performing tongue tie release (frenulotomy) in the clinic for many years.

Hello, my name is Dr. Keidar

Lingual frenulum is just the name for the membrane… doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s tight Frequently tongue tie is first discovered when early breastfeeding does not go easily with the baby tiring, biting the nipple causing severe maternal pain, becoming restless and not reaching satiety, making unfamiliar sounds, swallowing air causing gas.

The procedure is performed in my clinic (preferably as early as possible) and is short and very safe without the need for anesthesia. I use sterile surgical scissors to divide the thin transparent membrane below the tongue. The recovery is immediate and results can be seen at the following breastfeeding session. No further treatment or followup visits is required.

Tied tongue This is a term that describes a congenital condition in which the underside of the tongue, sometimes until the tip of the tongue, is connected tightly in the midline to the floor of the mouth. This leads to poor sucking mechanism, and thus ineffective breastfeeding and impairment of the movement of the tongue.
Other problems that may arise later in life are deficient oral hygiene and speech impediment (pronunciation of certain sounds).

Because it is short, an examination of the oral cavity can be seen when lifting the tongue upwards, in the back of the tongue to the tip of the tongue a transparent string is observed that connects the lower part of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. This connection may restrict the mobility of the tongue depending on the location of the connection and the longer the connection extends over a longer part of the tongue at the lower part, the more limited the mobility of the tongue is expected to be.

Tongue tie Plays an important role in the baby’s breastfeeding mechanism

In a tongue tied, a breastfeeding problem may develop in the breastfeeding mother in the form of pain around the nipple and also in the infant who may suffer from completely ineffective breastfeeding and a technical disturbance in the movement of the tongue or protrusion. Another problem associated with the phenomenon of related language is speech and pronunciation disorders of syllables and letters, dental and gum problems that may also develop due to the limitation of related language.

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