Dr. Keidar Sergei Senior Pediatric Surgeon Head of the Pediatric Surgery Department at Edith Wolfson Hospital.

The sweating system causes a significant decrease in quality of life

Sweating is a natural process that is a major defense mechanism for balancing body temperature. We need to maintain a constant body temperature range in order to continue to exist, it is possible to divide the excessive sweating that occurs in the whole body, and one that occurs in focused areas.

Generalized hyperhidrosis can be caused due to thyroid problems, overweight and as a result of other hormonal problems. Focused hyperhidrosis usually occurs in one defined area or several defined places, when sweating in the rest of the body is normal. The places where hyperhidrosis is common are the face, palms and armpits, feet, back, buttocks and more ..

Targeted hyperhidrosis occurs more frequently than general, and is estimated to be common in up to 10% of the population.

Palmar hyperhidrosis usually occurs in adolescence and lasts until the age of 20-30. The phenomenon affects the adolescent in very important years of school, society and normal life, including sports activities. A full test sheet causes a psychological disorder and requires treatment before the development of the disorders and the fear of the phenomenon.

The only treatment that is completely effective is bilateral symptomatic surgery. Bilateral thoracic dorsal sympathectomy During surgery under general anesthesia, the optical fiber is inserted through the armpit into the thorax and sympathetic chain fibers are burned, which are responsible for the nerves of the sweat glands in the palms and, if necessary, of the armpits. The operation is performed on both sides for about half an hour, after the operation a chest x-ray is taken and after a night of follow-up you can be released from the hospital. It is recommended to rest at home for 3-5 days and after two weeks you can return to sports activities.


You're not alone!

After surgery in a minority of cases, a transient phenomenon called compensatory sweating can be seen – it means slightly increased sweating in other areas, usually in the back, when after several months the phenomenon passes after a natural balance between the various areas of the body.

The sweating in the palms is never repeated. And after surgery a negligible spot scar remains in the armpit on each side.

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