Mohel or a doctor?

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The dilemma

By Dr. Keidar Sergei Pediatric Surgeon Director of the Edith Wolfson Department of Pediatric Surgery.

Once it is known that the fetus is a boy, a dilemma develops as to how the circumcision ceremony will be performed, the doubts arising mainly from social / family pressure and they are the ones that leave many parents with the question “what is best for my son”.

The vast majority of the Jewish citizens of Israel choose to perform a circumcision for their baby, but quite a few of them prefer the work to be performed by a specialist surgeon and not a mohel, and a few even give up the whole matter altogether. Circumcision ceased to be an obvious issue in front of every religious argument stands a secular argument, and in front of every medical argument stands a different medical argument.

ברית מילה כירורגית
ברית מילה כירורגית

Absolute confidence in the righteousness of choice – why not be a frightened parent in the throne of Elijah the prophet

Circumcision, one of the first and most significant commandments given to Israel as a chosen people, first mentioned in Genesis, has in recent years provoked severe controversy between those for whom it is obvious and those who refuse to see the removal of the foreskin as the ultimate symbol of Judaism.

Those who do not hesitate to perform the ceremony performed for the first time by Abraham and his son Isaac, raise questions and fears about the trauma that the circumcision may cause to the baby, as well as the fear of medical complications.

Jewish law states that circumcision, that is, the removal of the foreskin, is performed on the eighth day of the birth of a son and symbolizes the covenant made between him as a Jew and his God. Muslims also circumcise their sons (at a later age), as do various tribes in Africa, Australia and America. Even in the United States, the symbol of the Western world and introduction, many newborns also undergo circumcision for medical and aesthetic reasons.

ברית מילה
ברית מילה

Circumcision with a mohel.

Babies arrive at the circumcision ceremony without sedation and the circumcision is performed without any anesthesia and there is no justification for causing pain to the soft babies. , Excision of the head of the organ and the like.

Of course, such a thing is not pleasant because it is a cosmetic disability and a functional difficulty, both in terms of the urinary system and in terms of the human genital system. “

Parents who notice bleeding after the circumcision should go to the emergency rooms of the hospitals, where the baby will undergo suturing of the wound to stop the bleeding.

Of course malfunctions can also happen to doctors, but they can notice blood vessels bleeding and suture the place, while a mohel who has such a thing happen can only recommend parents to run with the baby to the hospital and so this traditional son differs from the medical word anesthesia, and this is the big difference That nowadays, more and more parents prefer to go to the doctors

In a medical alliance after strict disinfection under sterile conditions, a baby receives regional anesthesia (LIDOCAIN) with full anesthesia of the entire genitals, the baby does not feel the procedure at all, lies relaxed, it allows to end the procedure with a beautiful cosmetic result, me and some doctors put delicate stitches from melted thread In order to close the open wound caused as a result of a circumcision, it allows for quick healing (after all, any suture that is not sutured heals for a longer time with a less beautiful result), no dressing is needed and the cosmetic result is perfect.

After circumcision, the baby is given navimol (paracetamol) syrup and the parents are advised to continue giving every 4 hours on the same day only. After circumcision I recommend dripping a few drops of baby oil on the head of the penis for a week. The next day you can take a bath for the baby.

In my estimation today there are many thousands of parents who prefer the word to be performed by doctors.

Studies show that long-term health is due to the fact that between the folds of the foreskin there are bacteria of various types that make it a “permanent source of active infection” that is difficult to clean.

These bacteria, he says, can cause urinary tract infections and coronary heart disease. In addition it may endanger children with weak immune systems with the development of infection in the heart and other organs.

Researchers around the world have recently concluded that the foreskin increases the risk of contracting AIDS by ten times and that certain sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and syphilis are more easily transmitted in uncircumcised patients. The word also almost completely prevents penis cancer.

As part of the treatment, I explain with full attention and support to the families of the children being treated in order to allow the surgical procedure and recovery from it to go through the best side and make the complex experience easier.

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